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What is the ID One Touch Reader?


ID One Reader is a low cost and easy to install solution for organizations who wish to incorporate secure biometric identification on their multi-function devices.

It's a compact solution, simple and easy to install, with user self registration process.

ID One Touch Reader is integrated with PaperCut MF print management solution. We are working to integrate with other print management solutions. But we have a generic. Contact us for more information.

To install the reader into the device, is just connect to the USB interface (like a card reader), and it's ready to use.

The display on the reader make it simple and easy to the user interact with the reader.

With print management you have secure print, but with ID One Touch reader, you can also have secure authentication.



Main advantages of ID One Touch reader

  • Secure authentication through fingerprint
  • Easy installation
  • Compact reader
  • Fingerprint self registration process
  • Direct connection to the MFD
  • USB power supply
  • No Ethernet Connection



To make simple the installation, the ID One Touch reader was designed with a compact dimensions. Comparing the ID One Touch size against known RFID card readers, it's easy to understand how small it easy comparing with other biometric solutions.






ID One Touch reader, have a built-in 1.3" display, to interact with the user. It uses animated graphic's to support the user in the self registration process, and on the daily use.



 Click here to see the videos with the animated graphics.  Animated Graphics
Simple Instructions
Self Registration Identification



ID One Touch Reader has 2 models, in terms of their capacity:

  • BUD.BUSB.200 - With capacity for 200 finger's
  • BUD.BWIF.3000 - With capacity for 3.000 finger's


How it work's?

If a user wants to use his finger as the authentication on the MFD, first need to have his fingerprint register into the reader of the MFD. By pressing the button on the reader, the user can follow the step's and register his fingerprint. After a successful registration, the user can use his finger to unlock the MFD. Every fingerprint will have a unique ID. Like an RFID card used by the first time, the user will associate the unique code to his account in PaperCut. After this process, the user can simply use his finger to unlock that device.

Click here to see a video with this full process.




About Company

CCTEC is a printing software solution provider, working as PaperCut Authorized Solution Center since 2015. We have a large experience on system development, including biometric solutions for more than 15 years. Bringing this knowledge together, this allowed us to develop a unique biometric solution for this sector.

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