Self Registration and Association

Self Registration and Association into PaperCut


On this video, you will see what need to be done, when a user want to access the MFP for the first time.

The reader will not recognized the user's fingerprint, so it will be necessary to register the fingerprint into the reader.

Once this is done, then the user need to associate the fingerprint stored on the reader into his Print Management account (on this example PaperCut MF).

After this steps, the user can use his finger to authenticate and unlock the MFP.


The fingerprint registration in the reader, and the Print Management system association, only need to be done once. After that, the user can use his finger to unlock the device.





Multiple fingers for the same user

If the user need or want to have several fingers to unlock the MFP, it's possible. He only need to repeat the registration process for each finger he want to use.


About Company

CCTEC is a printing software solution provider, working as PaperCut Authorized Solution Center since 2015. We have a large experience on system development, including biometric solutions for more than 15 years. Bringing this knowledge together, this allowed us to develop a unique biometric solution for this sector.

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